July 27, 2020 The Israeli army reported receiving news of a "security incident" that occurred along the border with Lebanon and ordered area residents to remain sheltered in their homes. . The roads in the area have been closed and
all farmers, hikers and tourists have been ordered to leave the outdoor areas and fields immediately. According to Israeli sources, a group of Hezbollah militants attempted to infiltrate Israeli territory and launch
anti-tank missiles against an armed forces post (IDF). Lebanese fighters would have been killed and there would be no injuries among Israeli soldiers

Lebanese Hezbollah opened fire on an area controlled by Israel along the blue dividing line between Lebanon, Syria and the Jewish state, Lebanese media reports citing anonymous security sources, according to which Israeli military responded to the fire with shots artillery.

According to sources, the response and response took place in the disputed region of Mount Hermon, close to the farms of Shebaa, in the south-eastern tip of Lebanon. According to Lebanese sources, the attack by Hezbollah is said to be revenge for the killing of a group militant last week during a raid on Syria for which the Jewish state was accused

Premier Benyamin Netanyahu left a Likud meeting to go to the defense ministry after learning about the accident. Before leaving, he said: "A simple accident is going on." Defense Minister Benny Gantz also left the Knesset to return home. A military spokesman quoted by the Israeli media confirmed that Israel is currently responding with an artillery fire, while planes are flying over the area.