Minister of Justice Chu Mi-ae and lawmaker Kwak Sang-do of the Future Unification Party held a battle during a major government question on the field of education, society, and culture.

Assemblywoman Kwak Sang-do asked on the broadcast today (24th) that a statement by Professor Kyung-Shim Chung, who said'My goal is to live in a building in Gangnam,' was reported on the air.

Minister Chu Mi-ae replied, "Isn't you seen any future reports?"

Rep. Kwak Sang-do responded, "Well, should we listen to the president's words in doubt?", and Minister Choi Mi-ae responded, "Do a causal comparison."

In response to the continuing question, Minister Chu Mi-ae replied, "Isn't it a question that you are struggling?"

In the debate between the two people, the sensation of criticizing the opponents continued in the seats, and the chairman of the National Assembly, Kim Sang-hee, said, "The people will judge this scene and judge it."

(Composition: Joeul Seon, Editor: Hee Seon Kim)