Trump's U.S. administration and ruling Republican have come up with a fifth extra stimulus package since Corona19. The amount of 1,200 trillion won in our money is astronomical, such as paying an adult $1,200 in cash.

This is Correspondent Correspondent Kim Yun-soo of Washington.

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Trump administration and the Republican Party submitted additional budget proposals to the US Senate for stimulus.

The budget was reported to include cash payments of $1,200 per adult, school normalization, funding for the Corona 19 prosecutor, and new corporate loans and tax cuts.

The budget is 1 trillion dollars and 1,200 trillion won in Korean money.

In response to the Corona 19 response, the US Congress has passed an astronomy budget of 3,371 trillion won over four times since March.

The unemployment benefit, which was an issue, decided to pursue a plan to guarantee 70% of the wages.

The United States has been paying $600 per week in addition to unemployment benefits to unemployed workers in Corona19.

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Democrats, however, that all unemployed receive a fixed salary They objected that it was difficult to calculate 70% of the wages.

What's more, the Trump administration and Republican budget and Democratic budget are two trillion dollars apart, so it seems unlikely that an agreement will be reached.