• Olivia de Havilland, classic Hollywood legend, dies at 104

It was about time. Olivia de Havilland , the last survivor of the classic Gone with the Wind (1939), has died of natural causes at the age of 104 while sleeping in her hôtel particulier (French version to designate a mansion or urban mansion) in Paris.

With his death, farewell to the most glorious classical era in which the studio system turned actors into manufactured goods. This commodification caused the stars to sign draconian contracts for seven years, so they were treated as slaves, they had to accept any script and they were always watched so that their behavior was morally approved .

But Olivia got fed up. After rejecting numerous projects with which she did not feel comfortable, she was consistent with herself and said enough. In the 1950s she fought against Warner's bosses and, after much discussion, she was released. That act of bravery was legally baptized as the De Havilland law . Later, Celeste Holm did the same with Fox.

He had great film works, including The Adventures of Robin of the Woods (1938), Camino de Santa Fe (1940) or Lullaby for a Corpse (1964), and for his interpretations in The Intimate Life of Julia Norris ( 1946) and La heiress (1949) obtained their two Oscars.

In private, he was always in the news for his legendary fight with his sister Joan Fontaine , the unforgettable protagonist of Rebeca (1940), who died in 2013 at the age of 96. Olivia married twice, the first with Marcus Goodrich (1946-1953), with whom she had a son, Benjamin - who died in 1991 - and later with the editor of the prestigious Paris Match magazine, Pierre Galante (1995-1979), fruit of whose union was born his daughter, the journalist Gisèle Galante. She had no grandchildren.

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