U.S. intelligence agency warns China Russia Iran disseminates false information in presidential election July 25, 15:38

A U.S. intelligence agency issued a statement before the presidential election in November will be 100 days, and three countries, China, Russia and Iran, falsely disseminated to influence the outcome of the election. He warned that he was there and called on the people to be wary.

The Office of the Secretary of State for Information, which oversees US intelligence agencies, issued a statement on the 24th, and foreign and hostile forces are attempting to send cyber attacks and false information to influence the results of the presidential election in November. In addition, we named the three countries of most concern as China, Russia and Iran.

Among them, China pointed out that it is increasing pressure on American politicians who are critical of the Chinese government and expanding activities that affect US policy, and Russia is distrust of democracy. We warned that we are disseminating false information in the United States that spreads to the public and gives Russia a positive view.

In addition, the Secretary of State for National Intelligence warned the American people to carefully judge whether the information on the Internet is correct, saying that "Our election is ours, foreign involvement is a direct threat to democracy". I called.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the opposition and Democratic parties issued a statement, pointing out that Russia's threat, which was said to have intervened in the last presidential election, stands out among the three countries, a warning from the Secretary of State for National Intelligence explained. I criticize that it is insufficient.