• School, Minister Azzolina signs the ordinance: starting on September 14th
  • Azzolina: "Assumptions by titles? Quirinale also in favor of competitions. No more controversy on the desks"
  • Azzolina: the school reopens on 14 September, it takes responsibility, ready to collaborate with unions


July 25, 2020 "We are working hard to make it possible to reopen the school on September 14, obviously in presence and in safety". This was stated by the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, speaking at the Olympics of the ideas of the M5S of Rousseau Village. "We are working with everyone - explained the minister - in the first place with the local authorities that have a fundamental role as they are the owners of the schools, so that light construction works are done". Azzolina recalled that "to speed up the procedures we have given commissarial powers to municipalities and provinces".

" The precarious workerswe absolutely want to hire them but according to the procedures established by the Constitution ", the minister continued, reiterating that" at the end of August we will make the hires, we will use the rankings of the old competitions, the so-called Gae, and then we will make the new competitions at the end of September. The precarious workers who will make the new competitions, we will take them backdated to September 1, 2020. Our goal - he concluded - is to hire them because it means giving them stability.

"" I find the controversy on the benches now sterile . If governments do not invest in education they are criticized, when they invest they are criticized. The criticism is fine if it is constructive ". Azzolina returns to the topic and recalls that for the purchase of the new benches" a European competition was held. Commissioner Arcuri takes care of it, because in this way the times can be faster and the costs more contained. Let us work - he said - we will have all the elements to evaluate in a few days "." As for the benches with wheels, the minister said that it is wrong to make them "the benches of discord". "They are already used in many innovative Italian schools - he explained - and they were conceived in this way because they allow students to work in groups, to do new jobs, to have different forms of teaching and learning". Obviously, he added, those with wheels "are only a part of the schools. Then there are the more traditional ones that are mainly used in primary school". What the government is doing, however, "is an important investment in furniture. If we enter a classroom we risk finding it the same as it was 50 years ago. So - he concluded - if we invest in furniture and staff I think that is something to appreciate. "

"From next September we will increase the staff and teachers , especially for kindergarten and primary school," said Azzolina: "Children are the ones who suffered the most during the lockdown period - he said - as well as disabled children, and it is to them that maximum attention must be given ".