Russian organization cancels geological survey around northern territory 20:17 on July 24 due to new corona effect

The Japanese side has stated that it will not accept the geological survey that Russia intends to conduct in the waters around the Northern Territories, but the Russian organizer has revealed that it will not be conducted due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

The Geographical Society of Russia has announced that it will carry out geological and ecological surveys in the waters around the Northern Territories from 24th to mid-September.

However, this group told NHK on the 24th that it could not adjust the schedule due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

Regarding this survey, the Russian side notified the Japanese side in advance, but because the sea area of ​​the survey included a part of the EEZ = exclusive economic zone around the northern territory, the Japanese government said, " No, I can't accept it".

In response to this, the Russian side also repulsed, saying that the Russian presidential spokesman Peskov insisted that "Russia has absolute sovereignty over all investigations within its territory."