Five brothers and sisters who broke up as they went to different foster homes reunited under one roof.

Foreign media, such as CBS in the United States, reported on Tuesday that a couple in Texas had adopted five siblings who had been scattered at once.

Andy and Thomas have a painful memory about their children. After years of hard work, she lost her first child to a miscarriage, and soon she was pregnant with twins, but she gave birth to her early in six months, leaving one of them again. Born safely of twins, Joey went through a newborn care facility, but eventually developed cerebral palsy and visual impairment.

The couple still had two lovely daughters, Sadie and Daphne, but had to get their minds up ahead of the due date. So the couple decided not to have any more children, and found a new way to give love to many other children.

The couple who succeeded in obtaining a license started taking care of Bryson, who was born in the hospital in 2017, for the first time. However, the couple soon discovered that Bryson had three older brothers and one older sister. They lived in different foster homes, Thomas and Carter, twins of eight, and David and four of Gabriel, six.

The couple wanted Bryson to grow up with their brothers, as precious as their own children. So I decided to entrust the young David and Gabriel first in their own homes, and they often came to play to see what Thomas and Carter's minds were like. Soon after, Thomas and Carter, who were happy to meet their younger brothers, asked the couple, "Can we live here, too?"

And recently, when the news that the parents of their children gave up their parents' rights, the couple formally adopted five brothers and sisters. The couple and eight children were legally'real families'.

"My five siblings have made our family more enjoyable and happier. My family is more perfect than ever," said Andy. Her husband, Thomas, was also thrilled by saying, "Every child doesn't know how well he takes care of his sick first Joey. A gift from God.

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