Setsuro Tetsuro's determination for 75 years of atomic bombing Support for the Nuclear Weapons Convention July 23, 14:06

Setsuko Setsuko (88), a victim of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and continuing to work on the abolition of nuclear weapons based in Canada since then, wrote a letter all over the world to support the Nuclear Weapons Convention 75 years after the atomic bomb was dropped. He said that he would continue to work on each country, saying that it would have no effect unless ratified, regarding what he sent to the leaders.

Setsuro Setsuko was bombed in Hiroshima when she was 13 years old, and since then she has been continuing activities to talk about her experience of being bombed in Canada, and she interviewed NHK before the 75th anniversary of the bombing next month.

Setsuro Saro is working together with the ICAN = International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 for contributing to the adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Sent a letter asking for the support and support of.

Regarding this, he said, "I have included my experience of the atomic bombing in order to understand how inhumane nuclear weapons are. The treaty is effective only if it is ratified." He expressed his intention to continue working on each country to achieve ratification.

He added that the annual rally in Canada on August 6th, when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, could not be held due to the effect of the new coronavirus. You can send a message to everyone in the world."