Tumusov stressed that this problem is "very acute and complex."

“After the law on the fight against tobacco smoking was passed, the tobacco lobby came up with all sorts of methods of distributing their products, they invented the so-called chewing gum, nicotine sweets, electronic cigarettes, and so on,” the deputy explained.

The parliamentarian noted that such funds have a very harmful effect on the health, first of all, of young people. 

“We, the deputies, have been working on this problem for a very long time. We argued for a long time about what to do with nicotine-containing products ... We have now adopted the text that is, but agreed that we will continue to work and improve in order to completely eliminate the harmful effects of any nicotine on our children, youth, and so on, "concluded Tumusov ...

In turn, a member of the Public Chamber, head of the Sober Russia project, Sultan Khamzaev, in an interview with RT, positively assessed the adoption of the draft in the second reading and called it a "triumph of common sense."

“There are some points in it (in the draft - RT ) that require further analysis and improvement, but, in general, the law is currently the most necessary and important. The most important thing is that hookahs and vapes will be equated to ordinary cigarettes, ”he explained.

Khamzayev also added that the common task is to build a system that would "protect the health of our citizens."

Earlier, the State Duma adopted in the second reading the draft on hookahs and vapes.

The corresponding project involves the extension of the provision of the law "On protecting the health of citizens from exposure to second hand tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption" to electronic smoking products, including hookahs.