In Sillhövdapodden, Anton Alexandersson and Jeff Wallenius talk about everything from football in the countryside to mental illness.

Twelve episodes later, there are about a hundred people listening to each episode. The boys say that people have even come to town and recognized them.

- It's funny that it's not just mom and dad who listen, laughs Anton Alexandersson.

Want to give back

The boys got to know each other when Jeff Wallenius came to Karlskrona with his tangled background from Malmö, and Sillhövda welcomed him with open arms.

- Despite my luggage, they took care of me. Therefore, you want to give back to the club through the podcast. They want things to go well for them, says Jeff Wallenius. 

"Good if Sillhövda is visible"

Sillhövda AIK has previously been praised for being an association that is good at being seen on social media.

Martin Hansson, chairman of the club, believes that the podcast can lift the club and perhaps attract more members:

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Martin Hansson, chairman of Sillhövda AIK, believes that the pod can lift the club. Photo: SVT / Cajsa Bengtsson