NY Stock Market Dow 2 consecutive day rise in price July 22 6:35

21st New York Stock Market The Dow average stock price rose for the second straight day.

The New York Stock Market Dow Average closing share price on the 21st was 26,840.40 cents, up 159.53 cents from the previous day, continuing to rise on the previous day.

On this day, the major financial maker Coca-Cola announced the financial results, and it was taken positively that the future outlook showed an optimistic view. The overall stock price has also gone up.

However, as IT-related products were sold, the price increase, which was over $300, shrank toward the end of the transaction.

The stock index of Nasdaq, which has many IT-related stocks, reached the highest price during the trading period, but it eventually dropped.

Market officials said, "Attention has been focused on the new economic measures that have taken place in the U.S. parliament, which has been affected by the spread of the new coronavirus. We are very interested in how far the ruling and opposition talks will progress next week." I am talking.