China News Service, July 21 (Reporter Chen Jing) The reporter learned on the 21st that under the leadership of Professor Jiang Jiyao's team from Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, 56 large-scale craniocerebral trauma clinical centers in 22 provinces and cities in China The research shows the true status of treatment of traumatic brain injury in China.

  The results of the study show that road traffic accidents are the main cause of traumatic brain injury in China. Chinese patients with traumatic brain injury are generally more severely injured, but the treatment effect is better than that in Europe.

The research was published online in the cover of the world's top medical journal "The Lancet Neurology". Photo courtesy of Renji Hospital

  On the 21st, the world's top medical journal "The Lancet Neurology" published the results of this prospective, multi-center, observational cohort study online in a column on the cover of The Lancet Neurology. The journal also published a special comment that pointed out that this paper is a "sister article" of European craniocerebral trauma research, and has a key role in clinical evidence-based medicine evidence and improvement of efficacy.

  It is reported that there are a large number of new patients with traumatic brain injury in China each year. Professor Jiang Jiyao said that severe traumatic brain injury will lead to a high rate of death and disability of patients and bring a huge economic burden to society and families. And related research is always blank.

  Since 2013, the neurosurgery team of Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine and Shanghai Craniocerebral Trauma Institute has initiated a large-scale real-world registration study of craniocerebral trauma. The study strictly followed the standard design of international clinical research, and formed a "sister project" with the large-scale comparative study on the efficacy of craniocerebral trauma initiated at the same time in the European Union.

  The results of the study show that the average age of the Chinese head trauma population is 48 years old, and the proportion of severe head trauma accounts for 22% of the total head trauma population. 36% of Chinese patients with head trauma can be admitted to a specialized intensive care unit for more professional treatment. Among Chinese craniocerebral trauma patients, the fatality rate of craniocerebral trauma patients admitted to the ICU is 11.4%, and the European data is 19%. Jiang Jiyao pointed out that this is the result of the Chinese craniocerebral trauma team's continuous implementation of standardized diagnosis and treatment, individualized and precise monitoring and treatment of patients with severe craniocerebral trauma for more than 20 years, indicating the tremendous progress in China's health system and medical center construction.

  Professor Maas, Chairman of the Eighth International Neurotrauma Association, pointed out that this study shows the general picture of brain trauma in China and is of great significance. Professor Zhang Jianning, former chairman of the Neurosurgery Committee of the Chinese Medical Association and Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, and Mao Ying, the chairman-elect of the Neurosurgery Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, and Dean of Huashan Hospital of Fudan University, all agreed that the study It is original and exemplary.

  On the same day, Professor Jiang Jiyao said in an interview that this research will have a positive effect on the future craniocerebral trauma treatment strategy and clinical treatment. (Finish)