17 countries and regions such as Kenya are also advised to cancel travel New Corona July 21 14:53

As a measure against the borderline of the new coronavirus, Foreign Minister Mogi announced that he has increased the infectious disease risk information for Japanese people to the "travel stop recommendation" for 17 countries and regions such as Kenya and Nepal. The government intends to add foreigners to the entry refusal.

Until now, the government has raised the “infectious disease risk information” for Japanese people to ``Level 3'' which recommends stopping travel and rejected foreigners from entering 129 countries and regions such as the United States, Brazil, and India. We are taking steps to

Foreign Minister Mogi pointed out at a press conference, "Infection with the new coronavirus has shown signs of re-spread in the United States, and the spread is continuing in South America and Africa."

In addition, it was revealed that the “Infectious Disease Risk Information” has been upgraded to “Level 3” which recommends suspension of travel for 17 countries and regions such as Kenya and the Republic of Congo in Africa, and Nepal.

The government has a policy of refusing foreigners from these countries and regions in the future, and the target of refusal of immigration extends to 146 countries and regions.