Bilingual丨Super arms dealers: US arms sales after Trump took office

  July 6

  Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations

  Deposit with UN Secretary General Guterres

  China's "Arms Trade Treaty"

  (Arms Trade Treaty, ATT)

  Became the 107th party to the treaty

  Reflects the role of major powers in maintaining the international arms control system

  And across the ocean

  Was a signatory to the treaty

  The United States that withdrew the treaty in April last year

  With the arms sales "big order" shocked the world again

  July 6

  U.S. State Department announced

  Approval of foreign arms sales worth nearly US$7.5 billion to 5 different countries has been approved:

  July 9

  The United States announced

  Approval of the sale of US$23.1 billion worth of F-35 fighter jets to Japan

  Review Trump after taking office

  The U.S. sells weapons wildly and makes big money in war

  The madness of "the world's largest arms dealer" makes people shudder

  1. Repeatedly "breaking contracts and leaving the group" to evade arms control responsibilities

  Since Trump took office

  The US ignores its international responsibility as the most developed country in the world

  Perseverance to withdraw from many international organizations and agreements

  Blindly promote the "American first" unilateralist policy

  Especially withdraw from many arms control treaties

  Selling this "Pandora's Box" to the US

  Lift one seal after another

  May 8, 2018

  U.S. government announced

  U.S. withdraws from comprehensive agreement on Iran nuclear issue

  And restart sanctions against Iran exempted from the Iran nuclear agreement

  February 2, 2019

  The United States announces the start of the withdrawal process of the "INF Treaty"

  And officially withdrew in August of the same year

  The US government accused Russia of "full responsibility" for the disintegration of the treaty. In response, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that "the United States announced its withdrawal from the "Guide to the Treaty", proving that it will use an excuse to repeal all undesirable international treaties. This move by the United States will lead to the actual disintegration of the existing arms control system."

  April 26, 2019

  Trump at the National Rifle Association

  (National Rifle Association, NRA)

  Announced at the annual meeting

  The United States will revoke the signature on the "Arms Trade Treaty"

  And signed a document in public

  Call it a notice requesting the Senate to terminate the treaty ratification process

  Previously, Obama signed the treaty in 2013

  But not approved by the US Senate

  In addition

  Signed by the United States and Russia in 2010

  The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

  (New START Treaty)

  Will expire in February next year

  Russia has stated on many occasions that it is willing to extend the validity of the treaty

  But the US side has always been negative and is reluctant to renew the contract

  Considering the "little nine nine" that the United States has always wanted to loosen for nuclear power

  The outside world is generally pessimistic about this renewal

  2. The enthusiasm for "signing orders" soared, and "performance" hit a new high

  In addition to everywhere

  Trump also took the initiative to "attack", "signing orders" everywhere

  Frequently promoted US-made weapons through meetings with leaders of various countries

  After taking office in 2017

  Trump's first country to visit finalizes Saudi Arabia

  Signed a $110 billion military sales order for the United States

  To expand arms exports

  The U.S. government has also repeatedly relaxed domestic arms sales restrictions

  April 19, 2018

  Trump signs presidential memorandum on national security

  Relax U.S. conventional arms transfer policy

  Especially the export policy of U.S. unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

  On June 12 this year, Reuters reported

  American plan to reinterpret

  The "Missile Technology Control Agreement" that has lasted for more than 30 years

  (Missile Technology Control Regime, MTCR) some terms

  To relax the policy of exporting drones to controlled countries

  With the tireless efforts of the Trump administration

  US foreign arms sales are "increasingly increasing"

  According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) data

  Compared to 2010-2014

  U.S. major arms exports increased by 23% between 2015 and 2019

  The proportion of total global arms exports rose to 36%

  76% higher than Russia, the second largest arms exporter

  The demand for advanced American fighter jets from many countries in the world is also growing

  Including European countries, Australia and Japan

  Three or seven arms sales to Taiwan, revealing sinister intentions

  July 9

  U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency

  (Defense Security Cooperation Agency, DSCA) said

  The U.S. State Department approved $620 million worth of arms sales to Taiwan

  Trigger an uproar

  This is the second arms sale to Taiwan approved by the US State Department in 2020

  More than a month ago on May 20

  The United States has just approved the sale of 18 heavy torpedoes for Taiwan with an amount of 180 million US dollars

  From 2017 to the present

  The Trump administration has approved a total of 7 arms sales to Taiwan

  Worth more than $13.2 billion

  It can be seen that in order to contain China

  The United States frequently plays the "Taiwan brand"

  Provide support for the DPP Taiwan independence forces to "reject reunification with force"

  Its sinister intentions are obvious

  To this

  China gives a tough response

  At the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July 14

  Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said:

  Sanctions imposed on Lockheed Martin, the main contractor in this arms sales case

  Weaponry born in the war of human blood and fire

  Has always been a double-edged sword

  Can defend the territory and protect the people

  Can also invade and kill

  After the Second World War

  The world has entered an overall peace period of more than half a century

  But local areas are still turbulent and conflicts are frequent

  Casting swords for plows is still an unrealistic wish

  China and other countries with conscience, vision and responsibility

  Willing to cooperate through multilateral cooperation

  Jointly build an international arms control system and maintain world peace and stability

  And the United States, as the most developed country in the world

  Deliberately avoid international responsibilities

  Pursue unilateralism and hegemonism

  Crazy export of weapons and equipment

  And even intervene in armed conflicts in many places, causing bloodshed tragedies

  Its selfishness is chilling

  It will be spurned by peace-loving people all over the world!

  Those who go against the trend of history

  will be cast aside by the people!

  Author: Juan Wang Xin, etc.