He has been living in Canada for a while and has secrets and sensitive information about the ruling family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which made him the target of a continuous smear campaign in the media and communication sites.

He is the intelligence officer, Saad al-Jabri, who worked for a while as an aide and adviser to the isolated Crown Prince Muhammad bin Naif.

For more than once, the current Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, tried to entice al-Jabri to return to Saudi Arabia, and when material temptations did not work with him, he began pressuring him by harassing his family members in Saudi Arabia, according to testimonies and reports.

In recent hours, pro-government accounts in Saudi Arabia launched a Twitter campaign that included allegations of corruption of Saad al-Jabri.

Dozens of bloggers posted tweets attacking al-Jabri by tagging "#Saad al-Jabri's corruption", which topped the Saudi trading list.

Saudi media included the Okaz newspaper, "Sabq", "Al-Arabiya" and others.

The newspapers cited a report in the American Wall Street Journal, which accused Jabri and his family of seizing a billion dollars.

# Corruption_Saad_Aljabri pic.twitter.com/mNvaswNdEh

- Abdulaziz Al-Hudhaif (@ Hudhaif9) July 18, 2020

The opposition mocked,
on the other hand, Saudi opponents expressed their mockery of the campaign, and opposition human rights defender Abdullah Jeroui said, "An entire country announces the corruption of Amir and his assistant, and when you try to understand how they discovered this it appears that they discovered it through a foreign newspaper."

"Muhammad bin Salman is trying to discredit the image of al-Jabri after he failed in international courts," said the opposition Abdul-Aziz Al-Hudhaif, noting that the same newspaper that the campaign cites is the same one that published scandals for Muhammad bin Salman in the painting case and the death of Jamal Khashoggi.

"Why not start the trial of Muhammad bin Salman (as long as) is the same newspaper that said that Muhammad bin Salman was corrupt and stolen from the people's money?"

Earlier, an investigation by the American Wall Street Journal revealed that Saudi Arabia tried to entice Saad Al-Jabri to travel to Turkey, before issuing arrest warrants against him and imprisoning two of his sons last March.

The Wall Street Journal said, "The Al-Jabri family considers that Riyadh wants to return him because he knows the secrets of the royal family, and that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has personal revenge with him because of disputes over Yemen and other conflicts."

The newspaper added that US officials believe that the Saudi crown prince is using corruption investigations to pursue his potential opponents or rivals.