The Supreme Court's oldest liberal judge, "Cancer Recurrence," announced July 18, 5:59

The oldest of the nine Supreme Court Judges in the United States reveal that they are being treated for cancer recurrence, make a big difference in public opinion There is a lot of interest in the health of Supreme Court judges.

Of the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices, the liberal oldest, 87-year-old Judge Ginsberg, said yesterday that he was being treated for cancer recurrence.

Judge Ginsberg found that the lesions in the liver were detected this week in February, and he has been treated with anticancer drugs since May, and the progress has been good so far.

He will continue to work while continuing to treat.

The Supreme Court's magistrates are influential because their term of office lasts from death to retirement until they retire from work, and makes decisions on issues that divide society such as gun control and abortion.

Judges are appointed by the president and appointed after approval by the Senate, but there are now five people, including two conservatives nominated by President Trump, and four liberals, including Judge Ginsberg.

If Judge Ginsberg retires during President Trump's term, a conservative judge will be appointed as a successor, and the Supreme Court will be further conserved, which is attracting attention to the health condition of Judge Ginsberg.