President Moon Jae-in instructed the government to review the government's tax reform plan to pay taxes on people who earned more than 20 million won. The president emphasized that it should not be a way to shrink the stock market or discourage individual investors. It appears that this review was issued when individual investors reacted strongly to the tax reform and went up to the Blue House petition.

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domestic stock market transaction price for this year is approximately 2,538 trillion won by today (17th).

Last year, the transaction price has already been exceeded.

Even when foreigners and institutions sell large amounts of stock for fear of the negative effects of Corona 19, it was the individual investors who supported the domestic index, so the new term'Donghak Ant Movement' came up.

In fact, the share of individual investors in the stock market this year is 73% of the total.

However, a financial tax reform plan was announced last month that would cut the transfer of stocks at a 20-25% tax rate from 2023 to individual investors who have sold over 20 million won in profits by selling domestic stocks.

Individual investors were fiercely opposed, and a national petition was filed against the transfer tax or to abolish the securities trading tax that was already walking.

When the controversy did not subside, President Moon Jae-in ordered the amendment, saying that it should not be a way to shrink the stock market or discourage individual investors.

[Gangminseok / presidential spokesman: statement President emphasized that put the purpose to held up the stock market during difficult times in Corona cheer on the power of individual investors and enable the market -

the President of the reform Redline is the stock market If the contraction shrinks, it seems that the analysis that the distrust of recent real estate measures and the dissatisfaction of young investors who invest in stocks led to a decrease in approval ratings, as well as concerns that liquid funds could be more concentrated on real estate.

(Video coverage: Jeong-Young Cho, Jeil Il, video editing: Seong-Hun Jeong, CG: Ryu Sang-Su)

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