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US reaches new daily record of infections of 70,000
The United States reached a new daily record of infections on Friday. Over 70,000 new corona infections have been reported in the past 24 hours. This is the seventh time that the daily record is broken in July alone , according to Reuters news agency .

The now broken record was 69,070 last Friday. American top virologist Anthony Fauci fears a point where 100,000 new infections are reported daily.

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One-way traffic on the Kalverstraat and the Red Light District to manage
crowds in Amsterdam To better manage the crowds in Amsterdam's city center, the Amsterdam-Amstelland Safety Region has indicated that it will take additional measures. For example, a local outbreak of the coronavirus must be prevented, the Security Region writes in an explanation.

The extra measures include the deployment of traffic controllers and hosts on the Red Light District to guide the visitor flows. One-way traffic is established in the area from 6:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Lanes can be closed in case of excessive crowds.

One-way traffic can also be set up when traffic on the Kalverstraat is increasing on Saturdays and Sundays. The public is then guided along a certain route, and in the shopping area around the Kalverstraat, streets can also be closed during extremely busy periods.

In addition, extra checks will be carried out at entrepreneurs in the city center this weekend, the Safety Region says. "The board of the Security Region knows that most entrepreneurs do their utmost to comply with the rules. However, a small group seems to be less compliant with the emergency ordinance. To ensure that all matters are complied with the rules there will be extra checks in the city center this weekend, "said the Safety Region.

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Because of the corona crisis, the commemoration of the MH17 disaster looks different today. The plane with 298 passengers was shot down six years ago.

Although the memorial will look different this year because of the virus, it is so important that we continue to do so. To offer and support each other by sharing experiences and emotions. In today's austerity and silence, the victims' names sound louder than ever.

AvatarAvatar Author Mark Rutte Moment of places 08: 00-17 July 2020

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Number of mink farms infected with coronavirus rises to 25 Corona contamination has been detected
at a mink farm in Westerbeek in Brabant. The virus was previously found in 24 other mink companies. The company in Westerbeek, where eleven hundred dams are kept, will also be culled as soon as possible. The contamination was discovered during the transport of a number of puppies. These young animals must be tested since July 10 before going to a location.

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Podcast: Today and tomorrow, European government leaders will gather in Brussels for an extra EU summit. There will be discussed the multi-annual budget for 2021-2027 and the European response to the economic consequences of the corona crisis.

The Dutch cabinet is supported by a handful of countries, but knows that the opponents are in the majority. What feeling will Prime Minister Mark Rutte travel to the extra EU summit with? We ask political reporter Edo van der Goot. Listen to the podcast here .

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In the Indonesian city of Palembang, scooter drivers are requested to wait for traffic lights in designated special areas. This way, better social distancing can take place (Photo: Pro Shots ).

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Israel goes into lockdown again this weekend
The Israeli government has announced a lockdown for this weekend. People are still allowed to leave their home, but all shopping centers, shops, swimming pools, zoos and museums close between this afternoon and Sunday morning.

A lockdown that also obliges people to stay inside requires permission in parliament. Benjamin Netanyahu's government may get the green light for this next week. That would mean Israelis should also stay home from next weekend during the weekend lockdown.

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Australian state of Victoria reports daily record of new infections
Again a daily record of new infections is reported on Friday, this time in the Australian state of Victoria. The state reports 428 new infections, while the previous record was 317.

Victoria is the second most populous state in Australia, where the virus has broken out again for the past week. The 4.9 million inhabitants of Melbourne, the state capital, are only allowed to go outside for essentials.

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Mexico strengthens corona measures in tourist areas
The Mexican authorities have decided to tighten corona measures in several areas, particularly popular tourist locations. People can be fined in the beach resort of Tulum, for example, if they do not wear a mask in places where this is necessary. While Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is keen to reboot the economy, local authorities fear a revival of the virus. 

In Mexico, 36,906 people have died from the virus so far, the fourth largest number of deaths worldwide.

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The most important corona news of Thursday, July 16, the


  • The number of corona patients who are in  intensive care units  in Dutch hospitals fell by five on Thursday to a total of fifteen.
  • The number of corona patients who are in a normal  nursing ward  in the hospital has also fallen by five to eighty.
  • The  unemployment rate  in the Netherlands has increased extremely rapidly in June. In May 3.6 percent of the labor force was unemployed, in June this percentage increased to 4.3 percent.
  • The government's corona app  CoronaMelder  is expected to be available nationwide on September 1. The app must warn people if they have been close to another user who has subsequently been infected with the corona virus.
  • Should the coronavirus revive, it is not the intention that there will again be a national ban on visiting  nursing homes  . Minister Hugo de Jonge wrote this in a letter to the House of Representatives on Thursday afternoon.
  • The Security Council wants the ban on cheering, screaming and  chants  in stadiums and demonstrations to be abolished.
  • The Dutch can embrace their other half from outside the European Union on 27 July. Dutch partners  may reside in the Netherlands every six months for a period of three months, as long as the corona crisis lasts.
  • The  online sales  declined in the first quarter of this year because many fewer holidays and flights are booked a year earlier. This is due to the corona crisis and this development continued in the second quarter.

  • Another record number of new corona infections in the United States was  reported on Wednesday  . The number of infections increased by 67,632 to 3,495,537 in total. In the US, more than 130,000 people have died from the effects of the coronavirus.
  • Anthony Fauci , the chief American virologist and advisor to President Donald Trump, said on Wednesday that he was surprised at "bizarre attempts" by the US government to blacken him.
  • In  Spain  , 580 new infections with the corona virus were detected on Thursday. That is a significant increase compared to Wednesday's 390 and the highest daily number since May 10.
  • The coronavirus has also been found in a mink farm  in Spain  . The farm east of the Spanish capital Madrid is being cleared.
  • As of next week, France will  introduce a broad-based mask for all publicly accessible buildings.
  • The United States, the United Kingdom and Canada point to  Russian hackers  as the culprits behind digital attacks on research into COVID-19 treatments and vaccines.
  • The Chinese  can return to cinemas from July 20. Due to the corona virus, the movie houses were closed for almost six months.

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