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Immersed in one of the most extensive and strict quarantines in the world, Argentina took an unorthodox step today: the number of coronavirus cases is on the rise, but the quarantine is relaxing. On the other hand, President Alberto Fernández, who has been cornered by his vice president and zigzagging with Venezuela, closed today the politically hardest week since he came to power seven months ago.

"We will try to return to normal life in a phased manner," said Fernández, announcing a "phased easing" beginning next week in the quarantine that the country began on March 20, in late summer in the southern hemisphere. Thus, in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires, which concentrates a third of the country's population, shops will reopen, sports and other activities will be enabled.

"Latin America is today the epicenter of the pandemic," said the Argentine head of state, who defined the country's situation as "good" in comparative terms. Argentina, with 45 million inhabitants, reports until this Friday 115,000 infections and 2,112 deaths . The president, who regularly compares the Argentine situation with that of other countries, this time focused on a sub-national entity: the Basque Country .

"In the Basque Country, when the attention capacity was saturated, it was necessary to choose between who was saved and who died. We did not want to do that," said Fernández without providing further evidence to support the claim. "Isolation is what allows us not to fall into the crisis that the Basque Country fell , " he insisted, before stressing: "We are far, very far from thinking that the situation was overcome."

The entire country was awaiting Fernández's announcements and a group of five governors who accompanied him. Attention was drawn to the length and lack of synthesis of the presentation by several of the governors and how they subjected the head of the State to the enumeration of absurd details, in a waste of time inappropriate for his investiture. It was, in any case, a symptom of the moment he is going through, because Fernández's political stature has been becoming popular in recent weeks. Fernández has a similar or even greater problem than that of the coronavirus: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. He does not know how to resolve the political anomaly that is having reached the position nominated by his vice president.

What appeared as a coalition that added the different sensibilities of Peronism and some sectors of the left is proving increasingly difficult to sustain for Fernández, who days ago met the first public brake imposed on him by his vice president. Fernández de Kirchner does not speak in public, he only manifests himself on social networks or in brief comments in the Senate sessions he presides over, so each sentence he makes public is scrutinized in detail.

On Sunday, when he 'retweeted' an article in "Página / 12", a newspaper related to the Government, he made it clear that he does not like certain ideas of the president . The writer strongly criticized the path chosen by Fernández when he gathered the highest representatives of businessmen in his residence on the occasion of July 9, the day on which the independence of Spain is celebrated. Kirchner considers, and said so, that this bet is pointless and is a wrong path. "The best review I have read in a long time. A must read to understand and not be mistaken," he tweeted.

While Cristina amazed with this tweet, Hebe De Bonafini , president of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo , made her entrance on the scene , but she was strongly discredited years ago for her inflammatory speech and full of insults. "We feel aggrieved and hurt deep in our hearts," de Bonafini wrote in a letter to the president. Fernández hastened to reply with a composition letter.

The situation worsened this week for the president with Argentina's vote in the UN human rights commission. Michelle Bachelet , High Commissioner for Human Rights and former Chilean President, presented a devastating report on the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro , and Argentina voted in favor. Weeks earlier, she had abstained in a similar vote at the OAS. Argentina's "yes" to the socialist Bachelet drove the most radical wing of the front that brought Fernández to the Casa Rosada.

So it was that Víctor Hugo Morales , the man who related the goals of Diego Maradona in Mexico 86 like no other, today turned into a political journalist, was very hard on Fernández. The amazement grew when the president called the radio show to explain that things were not exactly like this. At times, it seemed that the head of state was undergoing not an interview, but an interrogation. This Friday he referred to the theme: "In diversity we are much stronger."

Felipe Solá , its foreign minister, referred to the issue of Venezuela in a meeting with foreign correspondents: "Those who go outside to seek support talking about the freedom of Venezuela are wrong. And the European Union is also wrong when it sanctions legislators. Is there a right to sanction legislators from another country for statements they have made in the legislature? That sounds ridiculous. "

"Infobae", the most widely read website in the country, analyzed the situation of Fernández, and it was forceful: he sees it on the "opposite sidewalk" from "that of most countries in the region and the most advanced democracies in the world" .

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