Employees of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation prevented a terrorist act in Khabarovsk. This was reported by the FSB Public Relations Center.

Representatives of the special services held a series of events during which they arrested a citizen of one of the Central Asian republics born in 1988. The attacker "planned, according to the instructions of the leaders of international terrorists, to carry out a terrorist attack using incendiary devices in crowded places."

After accomplishing the plan, the offender planned to leave for the war zone in the Middle East to participate in the activities of the tergroups.

“Ready-to-use Molotov cocktails, cold steel, the flag of an international terrorist organization were seized. A video of his so-called oath to the leaders of the terrorists and correspondence with the discussion of the planned terrorist attack were found on the detainee’s phone, ”the statement said.

A criminal case under part 1 of art. 30 (preparation for a crime) and part 1 of article 205 (terrorist act) of the Criminal Code. The detainee was selected a preventive measure in the form of detention. The FSB reported that operational-search measures and investigative actions are ongoing.

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Counter-terrorist special operations of the FSB

Over the past month, the FSB has repeatedly reported the detention of supporters of international terrorist organizations in various regions of Russia.

So, on July 3, five members of the At-Takfir Val-Khidzhra * extremist religious association were detained on the territory of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic *. They advocated the creation of a theocratic Islamic state, the Caliphate, on the territory of the North Caucasus. They seized copies of pseudo-religious extremist literature, lecture notes of radical preachers, as well as a traumatic gun remade for firing live ammunition, ammunition, a shotgun for a hunting rifle, air gun and cold steel. A criminal case was initiated under Part 1 and Part 2 of Art. 282.2 of the Criminal Code (organization of activities of an extremist organization or participation in it).

On July 7, the cell of the international terrorist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami ** was suppressed in the Republic of Crimea ** - three leaders and four members of the group were detained. The radicals carried out "unconstitutional activities based on the doctrine of creating the so-called world caliphate, destroying the institutions of secular society and aimed at overthrowing the current government by force." In particular, they were engaged in the dissemination of terrorist ideology among local residents and the recruitment of Crimean Muslims into their ranks.

On July 13, FSB officers managed to uncover the activities of a conspiratorial cell of supporters of the Islamic State MTO ***, which included six citizens of one of the Central Asian countries and Russia. The leader of the cell was mortally wounded during the arrest, he opened fire on intelligence officers and blew up the IED. After that, the remaining five members of the group were detained in Rostov-on-Don. The criminals "prepared attacks on police officers and planned terrorist acts in medical and educational institutions." In relation to them, cases were initiated under the articles “Terrorist attack”, “Illegal trafficking in weapons” and “Attempt on the life of a law enforcement officer”.

Note that in mid-June, the director of the FSB, the chairman of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, Alexander Bortnikov, during a working meeting with President Vladimir Putin, reported to the head of state on the number of terrorist attacks that have been averted in Russia over the past ten years.

“Over the past ten years, 698 terrorist crimes were prevented, of which 159 were directly terrorist acts,” Bortnikov said on June 16.

* At-Takfir Val-Hijra - in 2010, the Supreme Court of Russia recognized an extremist association whose activities in Russia were prohibited.

** “Party of Islamic Liberation” (“Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami”) - the organization was recognized as terrorist by a decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of February 14, 2003.

*** “Islamic State” (IG) - the organization was recognized as terrorist by decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2014.