Prosecuted in Switzerland for an alleged rape committed in 2008, the theologian, indicted for four charges of the same type in France and which is the subject of strict judicial control, was heard in Paris by the Geneva prosecutor, Thursday .

Summoned to Paris by French investigating judges in the presence of the Geneva prosecutor, Thursday, the theologian Tariq Ramadan was heard in the context of an investigation into an alleged rape committed in a Swiss hotel, in 2008.

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For these facts, an investigation was opened in Switzerland in September 2018, after the complaint of a woman assuring that the Islamologist attacked her in a hotel in Geneva in 2008. A confrontation between the complainant and Tariq Ramadan, moreover indicted for four rapes in France, could now take place in Paris 

Five indictments since 2018

Now defended by two new lawyers, Me Nabila Asmane and Me Ouadie Elhamamouchi, Tariq Ramadan has been prosecuted for two rapes since 2018, which he denied before pleading "consensual" relations. Last March, he was charged with two new alleged rapes, facts first reported by women who were heard as witnesses. 

The theologian is also referred to the criminal court for having revealed the identity of one of the first complainants of the file in his book  Duty of truth , published in September 2019. He is also prosecuted in defamation by Henda Ayari, first woman to have lodged a complaint against him.