A counterfeit detector (illustration). - Masatoshi Okauchi / REX / Sipa

Forty-four arrests in Italy, France and Belgium. A vast network of counterfeit money linked to the Italian mafia organization Camorra was dismantled on Wednesday, we learned this Thursday from French police.

In detail, forty people were arrested in Italy, three in France and one in Belgium during this operation, called "Nerone", coordinated by the European police agency Europol.

This operation resulted in the seizure of 8 million euros in cash and 8 million euros in property. The police said that the damage was estimated at 10 million euros (face value of counterfeit notes, 50 euros for the most part).

Catherine Deneuve's grandson involved

In France, a person was arrested in Charente-Maritime and imprisoned on Wednesday. According to a source close to the file, Igor Divetain, grandson of Catherine Deneuve and Roger Vadim, 32 years old.

The other two men, a Franco-Italian and an Italian, were arrested in Paris. One of them would be close to the head of the network.

They should also be imprisoned Thursday, pending their extradition to Italy, said AFP Commissioner Eric Bertrand of the Central Office for the Suppression of Counterfeiting Currency (OCRFM).

“In recent years, 90% of high quality counterfeit money has come from Italy. La Camorra has a sort of patent on this market, ”commented the commissioner.

According to a police source, the production of a ticket costs 20 to 30 cents and it is resold 7 euros.


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