Yesterday (15th), the Minister of National Defense and the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport discussed how to use the land of the Seoul military base to expand the supply of housing. The Ministry of Defense drew the line that it was a principled consultation, but the proposal continues, saying it is a realistic alternative in the passport. (▶ [Exclusive] Defense Minister-Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport... Discussing'Apartments in Subangsa Land')

Kim Tae-hoon, a defense journalist


Yesterday, after the government ruling party's real estate party, the defense and the two homeland ministers were interviewed.

In the course of discussing additional real estate measures, plans to utilize the land of the Seoul Military Corps continue to be discussed.

The release of the green belt was strongly opposed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and there were environmental issues, so how about the use of military idle land?

[Kim Jin-pyo/Independence Democratic Party: Seongnam golf course (owned by the military) and Taereung golf course. After consulting with experts on an 18-hole basis, 20,000 households can be built.] The

sub-military headquarters of the National Defense Defense Command, Seongnam and Taereung Golf Courses, etc., are close to the city center of Seoul, which has a high preference for real users.

[Bakwongap / KB Kookmin Bank Real Estate senior expert members. If you build because they want the closest urban and housing in Gangnam adjacent a hearty 30 young teens housing needs work, a house lot in these areas is expected to be much larger housing supply effects]

but developed Just by discussing the plan, it can stimulate the surrounding real estate market, and it can also raise security gap issues.

In fact, the Ministry of National Defense also drew a line on the SBS report yesterday that the two defense and land ministers discussed ways to use the land.

[Moon Hong-Sik/Deputy Vice President of Defense: I understand that there was a fundamental level of talk.]

However, yesterday, the two ministers' interviews revealed that it was a preliminary suspension of work prior to the inter-ministerial working-level discussions. The room seems to be a hot topic.

(Video Editing: Seonghoon Jeong)   

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