• Rome. The trial for the murder of the carabiniere Cerciello Rega has been opened
  • Carabiniere killed. Widow Cerciello: murder does not go unpunished. The trial begins on Wednesday
  • Murder Cerciello, find footprints of Christmas Hjort where the knife was found
  • Theft, the appointment, the aggression, so Mario Cerciello Rega died
  • Church crowded in Somma Vesuviana, the last farewell to Mario Cerciello Rega


15 July 2020 The hearing for the Cerciello murder trial was suspended and then postponed until tomorrow after the illness of the victim's father-in-law. The man passed out while in the classroom the audio of the phone call to the rescue made on the night of July 26, 2019 by Andrea Varriale who was on patrol in civilian clothes with Cerciello was heard. The judges of the first Assize Court immediately suspended the hearing to facilitate the intervention of the doctor inside the court. The man was taken to the hospital.

The testimony of Mario's colleague
During the hearing, before the suspension, space was given to the reconstruction of the facts by the colleague of the vice-brigadier Mario Cerciello Rega: "When we found ourselves facing the two, we took out the card saying that to be carabinieri ". It is a step in the story made by Andrea Varriale at the first assize court, on the night of July 26, 2019. The deputy brigadier was killed by several stab wounds by the American Finnegan Elder, on trial together with his compatriot Gabriel Natale Hjorth.

"After qualifying - Varriale remembers - I put the card in my pocket. Mario did the same thing. We did what we always do. They had nothing in hand. We went to identify two people. The two got us immediately attacked. I was caught in the chest by Christmas and we rolled to the ground. At the same time I heard Cerciello screaming 'stop, carabinieri', he had a proven tone of voice. "

The attack, according to the witness, lasted a few seconds. At a certain point, Varriale prefers to let go of his attacker: "I was worried about Mario's screams. I lift my head and see him standing and he says 'they stabbed me' and then he collapses. I took off my shirt. and I tried to dab the wound, but the blood was pouring out. I immediately called the station to ask for an ambulance, "concludes Varriale.

Then the illness of Cecrciello's father-in-law interrupted the hearing. It will recover tomorrow.