Tamouh Healthcare has announced that the DPI laser screening test to detect suspected cases of Covid-19 virus has been stopped at the examination center in the Sih Shuaib area after the checkpoint, “Corona Rapid Examination”, due to the strong crowd from the public to conduct Tests to enter the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, noting that the examination service at the moment at the center is limited to families only, while the pre-booking service for testing will be launched to organize work and avoid crowds in order to preserve social distance.

In detail, Abdullah Al-Rashdi, a spokesman for Tamouh Healthcare Company, confirmed to "Emirates Today", that a smart application has been prepared for registration and book an advance date to conduct the examination, and a link will be announced through which the name and phone number will be registered to confirm the date for conducting the examination, noting The center currently provides testing services to families only.   

While the examination center in the Saih Shuaib area witnessed, since this morning, hundreds of people wishing to conduct an examination to enter the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which caused severe crowding inside the waiting tent, which contradicts the precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

And workers at the center attributed the severe crowding to the ease of the examination procedures and obtaining the result, as it does not take more than three minutes, during which the person is registered through an ID reader, and then blood is taken from the finger in the same way as checking blood sugar, through a small scratch with a medical scalpel in The finger, and put it under the device, where the blood cells trapped between two strips covered by the laser beam illuminate, and the technology determines whether the blood cells are infected with the virus or not, which encouraged many to come to the center.

For its part, Tamouh Healthcare has indicated that it has begun implementing a plan to increase the number of checkpoints at checkpoints that follow the "DPI" technology, in order to overcome the challenges of time and place, and to implement all preventive measures and measures.

 The Crisis and Emergency Management Committee in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi, announced the day before yesterday the start of applying the "DPI" technology based on the use of lasers to detect suspected cases of HIV-19, and to allow its users to enter the emirate.

The "DPI" technology based on the laser depends on examining blood samples and reading the shape of the cells in them to determine within seconds the presence of infections such as those caused by the Covid-19 virus. The diagnostic system in the innovative device in the UAE also adopts advanced artificial intelligence technology in image analysis according to a very accurate scale .

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