• Meeting of Maio-Draghi, Farnesina sources: "Positive and profitable meeting"


July 15, 2020 "First of all I want to say that I confirm the meetings I have had and personally as Foreign Minister I really think I will have many more" also because "both with Mario Draghi and with Gianni Letta we had never met before and the everything is part of a healthy and traditional dialoguing spirit ". Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio takes pen and paper and writes to Il Fatto Quotidiano and, in the case in point, to the director Marco Travaglio about the meetings he had with the former president of the ECB; the right arm of Silvio Berlusconi and the manager of Autostrade Gianni Mion.

Di Maio would like to clarify: "Since I was Minister, I have always had direct contact with majority and opposition members, as I have always held meetings with those who represented and represent international and national institutions" and "each of these people proves to be precious for an exchange of opinions, especially when we end up arguing forcefully because we do not think the same way ". Di Maio defines" unbearable "the" level of retro-thought that in these days is hidden behind each of my meetings ".

"An important, normal game for Draghi for Italy"
So the meetings with Draghi and Letta, for example, fall within the terms in which "Italy is preparing to face one of the most important matches ever played on European tables and the Farnesina he works at the forefront of the EU negotiation ". In this frame," and by virtue of the particular moment we are going through - followed Di Maio - I do not find it shocking that I see the former president of the European Central Bank, also considering the role played by the Eurotower in recent years in support of the euro area ". As for the meeting with Letta, he agrees with Travaglio in dismissing what has been written as "political chatter of the background writers". While on the third case, that of the interview with the Autostrade manager Gianni Mion, the owner of the Farnesina writes that he "reiterated the position expressed by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, according to which 'the motorways can no longer be managed by the Benetton family ". This position - Di Maio says - "which is not expressed or improvised today, but which I first brought to government tables and in Parliament". "As part of the experience of government, I am the first", the minister of the Foreign "I fought against the Benetton family".