Deputy Prime Minister Aso and Secretary-General of the 2nd floor Exchange of opinions regarding movements to join the opposition party July 16 0:09

Deputy Prime Minister Aso and the Minister of Finance and the secretary-general of the second floor of the Liberal Democratic Party exchanged opinions over the movements aimed at the opposition party's reunion at a dinner on the night of the 15th.

The dinner was held at a steak restaurant in Tokyo, and was attended by Mr. Suzuki, the chairman of the LDP Aso group, who is chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Aso, and Mr. Kawamura, a former chief secretary of the second floor, headed by the secretary general of the second floor.

In this, it was said that opinions were exchanged over the measures against the new coronavirus and the movement toward opposition parties' confluence.

Mr. Kawamura told reporters, "Once the election of the House of Representatives is finally possible, there may be one opposition party. There was also a story that "you should think so".