A new general blackout, or "zero energy" has left without light from 9.45 am about the whole island of Tenerife , where nearly 950,000 inhabitants, as confirmed to Efe sources of Endesa and the Department of Transitional Environment of the Government from the Canary Islands .

Responsible for the electricity company are already meeting with the energy department of the Government of the Canary Islands to analyze what happened, the causes of which are unknown at the moment.

This is the second "zero energy", as that type of blackouts is known in the slang of the sector, which Tenerife suffers in less than a year, after that of last September 29, which lasted almost nine hours.

A month ago, the Government of the Canary Islands issued millions in fines for this incident, which originated in the Granadilla de Abona substation : one of almost 30 million to Red Eléctrica de España and another of 10 million to Endesa, considering both companies co-responsible for several serious and very serious offenses.

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