International students who only take online classes in the United States withdrew the action in eight days after the Trump administration, who said it would cancel the visa. The harsh backlash eventually retreated, but President Trump's plans to open the school door to save the economy and make it a stepping stone to reelection have also been lost.

This is Correspondent Correspondent Kim Yun-soo of Washington.


Harvard University and MIT filed the first hearing to file a provisional disposition for foreign students who are only taking online courses, in Massachusetts Federal District Law today.

The hearing ended in four minutes before the start of the hearing, with the Trump administration fully agreeing to withdraw restrictions on international student visas.

More than 200 colleges, IT companies, and some state governments filed lawsuits against the government, making it harder to fight in eight days.

President Trump's attempts to open school doors to resume economic activities and to use this achievement as a stepping stone to re-election have been lost.

Over 50,000 Korean international students also sighed.

[Lee Jung-yun/UCLA MBA international student: Deciding to study abroad in Korea becomes meaningless. It literally felt like going back and forth between heaven and hell for the past week.]

However, there have been reports that the Trump administration is still looking at visa restrictions for new international students, reducing the scope of the issue, which may lead to further controversy. .

The US State Department has decided to resume visa-issuing services that were suspended in Corona 19 by overseas missions.

In Taiwan, which is considered as the best country for prevention of corona19, visa work has resumed since today.

(Video coverage: Jungsik Oh, Video editing: Yonghwa Jung)