When it is so bright here in southern Sweden in the summer, then it becomes difficult to see the comet, says Mattias Sjöstrand, who is one of all those interested in astronomy who want to find Neowise.

This weekend he managed to capture the comet on film, which can be seen at the beginning of the clip.

What do you recommend if you want to try it yourself?

- To go out at 12-01 and look north, quite low on the horizon. There is a bright star to the right of it, so if you find the star you should be able to see it, a cloudless night, says Mattias Sjöstrand.

Alexandre Ribeiro had read about the comet on the internet and went out into the night and started looking for it. He also managed to capture the moment when the comet appeared over Karlskrona, his pictures can be seen in the clip above. 

- I was surprised that the comet was visible in the sky without binoculars. It is not often that you can see them with the naked eye. It felt great when I discovered it, I was very happy, he says.

"A generational event"

The comet was discovered on March 27 and got its name from the space telescope that first saw it - Neowise, which belongs to Nasa.

Johan Warell, chairman of the Swedish Amateur Astronomical Society, thinks that you should take your chance and see Neowise, which should be visible for the rest of July.

- It's great that we got such a nice comet. It may take 20 years before we get something like that, it's a generational event, ”he says.