In "Sans Rendez-vous" on Europe 1, doctor and columnist Damien Mascret takes stock of central poster syndrome. A pathology mainly affecting men, which leads them to consider women as sexual objects. 

It may affect hundreds of thousands of people around the world, yet its name is unknown to most people. In Sans Rendez-vous  on Europe 1 this Tuesday, doctor and columnist Damien Mascret takes stock of the "central poster syndrome".

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What does it consist of?

"Described in 1995 by a professor at the University of Texas, Gary Brooks, central poster syndrome is a distortion of male sexuality whose name refers to Playboy magazine , known for its large format poster in central pages. element of this syndrome is voyeurism: many men like to see the object of their desire, to look under the skirts of girls as Alain Souchon said [in his title released in 1993, editor's note]. little in women.

What does this have to do with "Playboy" magazine?

It is bought by millions of Americans who pay to simply see a naked woman. And this behavior leads to the second symptom of this syndrome: objectification. Concretely, the woman is no longer seen as a full-fledged being, but as a sexual object. Obviously, this poses a problem: it becomes a reflection of male domination over women, since one who has power is allowed to see, while the other is simply the object.

And this syndrome conditions sexuality? 

Yes, that conditions many things in male sexuality. Behind that, we are going to have men who will simply assimilate their sexuality to their power of conquest. There will be what is called 'trophism', that is to say that women are seen simply as a trophy. We are looking for a woman who is more beautiful, younger than that of friends or other men, simply to prove her virility. Men who suffer from central poster syndrome do not seek relational sexuality, but a possessive sexuality. There is therefore no exchange with the woman, who simply becomes a poster that they have on their arms. "