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July 14, 2020 "Maximum attention continues to be paid to the protection of citizens' health security, in particular in those regions, such as Sicily and Calabria, which are currently more exposed to the autonomous landings of migrants". The Interior Ministry said so by informing that it had "strengthened the surveillance devices as regards also the local reception facilities, providing, where necessary, the transfer of migrants subjected to quarantine in military hospitals in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense". 

New notice of the Interior Ministry for quarantine ships
The Interior Ministry has published a new notice for the presentation of expressions of interest relating to the rental of naval units to be used as temporary structures for the assistance and health surveillance of migrants rescued at sea or who have come to the national territory following autonomous landings.

"This urgent procedure, which requires the submission of tenders by midnight on 16 July 2020, became necessary after the previous tender had gone deserted," explains a note from the Ministry of the Interior. "The Moby Zaza ship, which has been used for this purpose since June and is still in Sicily, will continue to be used as a quarantine facility until the end of the mandatory surveillance period foreseen for migrants currently on board" explains the Interior Ministry . 

Surveillance devices strengthened - the
Ministry of the Interior - reads the note - has strengthened the surveillance devices as regards also the local reception facilities, providing, where necessary, the transfer of quarantined migrants to military hospitals in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense ".

Lamorgese met Mayor Ammatuna:" Soon on a visit to Pozzallo "
Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese received the Mayor of Pozzallo Roberto Ammatuna at the Interior Ministry. During the meeting - which was also attended by the prefect Michele di Bari, head of the department for civil liberties and immigration - the head of the Interior Ministry wanted to "thank the first citizen and the entire community of the Sicilian port who in recent years have shown a sense of humanity and solidarity and offered active collaboration for the reception of migrants ", the Interior Minister underlines. The minister - the Interior Ministry informs - reiterated the yes ndaco Ammatuna that "the government is committed to strengthening all the necessary measures to reassure its community also about the health risks associated with the presence in the territory of reception facilities for people tested positive for the Covid 19 test". Finally, the minister accepted the invitation of the mayor Ammatuna to visit Pozzallo as soon as possible.

Positive Amantea transferred to Celio in Rome
The 13 positive migrants to Covid-19 who had been moved to an Amantea facility after arriving last Saturday in Roccella Ionica (Reggio Calabria) will be transferred to the Celio military hospital in Rome. . The 13 were part of a group of 70 Bengali who, after landing, were divided into various Calabrian locations. 24, including the 13 positives, had gone to Amantea causing the protest of some inhabitants who blocked the highway 18 on Sunday, threatening to do it again if they had not been transferred. The other migrants remain in Amantea. 

Santelli: "I appreciate gesture, but problem remains"
"I appreciate the gesture of the Interior Ministry on the story of Amantea but as Minister Lamorgese knows perfectly, the problem remains. To counter the danger of spread of Covid-19, naval units are needed to provide assistance and to the health security of migrants. Therefore, in an emergency phase like the present one, it is necessary to monitor the Calabrian coasts and avoid landings ". So Jole Santelli, president of the Calabria Region.