Iranian Government Nuclear Accord 5 Years Statement Focused on Lifting the arms embargo 9:33 July 14


The Iranian government issued a statement in line with the five-year period on the 14th from the nuclear agreement with Europe and the United States, and once again condemned the unilateral withdrawal of the Trump administration as "breaking promises." Under the nuclear agreement, the arms embargo on Iran will be lifted this October, but the United States is against it, and the next focus will be whether it will be implemented as agreed.

On July 14, 2015, Iran and the six related countries, including the United States and Europe, finally agreed to lift economic sanctions by the United States and Europe in return for Iran's restriction of nuclear development.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on the 14th day from the Iran nuclear agreement in five years, saying that the Trump administration has quietly unilaterally withdrew from the agreement and resumed sanctions. I know that I have defeated. I must not return to the age of weak and strong food."

While Iran has sought sanctions by the United States to seek financial support from European countries, it has launched counter-measures that are contrary to the agreement, and the nuclear agreement is in danger of survival.

The nuclear agreement is set to lift the arms embargo on Iran this October, but the US government strongly opposes this.

The Iranian side has decided to take decisive measures if this agreement is not observed, and the next focus will be whether the embargo will be lifted as agreed.