The assault took place in the woman's apartment in Åtvidaberg municipality on 29 May this year. The convict and the woman had previously had a relationship and she was pregnant at the time. The events in May have their origins in jealousy on the part of the man as he believes that the woman has previously been unfaithful.

The 35-year-old became so angry after some exchange of words that he pushed and hit the woman. She hit her head in the bathtub and the man hit her in the face repeatedly after forcing her to the floor. The beatings and screams from the apartment caused neighbors to alert police to the scene.

Threatened bus driver

The district court considers the woman's story to be credible and that together with witness statements and the documentation of the damages in the court certificate led to a sentence of one year in prison. The man is also convicted of unlawful threats against a bus driver in March this year.

The 35-year-old already appears in six sections of the criminal record. In March 2015, he was also convicted of assault.

In addition to the prison sentence, he must pay SEK 43,000 in damages to the woman.