The intrusion that Foodora was exposed to affects 480,000 customers worldwide and around 25,000 Swedes have been affected. The leaked database contains e-mail addresses, names, addresses and telephone numbers. The attackers have not recovered any passwords.

According to information to Dagens Nyheter, the database has been offered for sale online.

The company Foodora writes in an email to its affected customers:

"Unfortunately, we have to inform you of an event that may affect the security of your personal data. We recently discovered a data breach concerning foodora's customer data for the year 2016. We apologize for any potential inconvenience this may cause you. ”

The information that the attackers have accessed comes from an older database from 2016 and according to the company, only those who had an account on Foodora in 2016 are affected.

- We know how it was done and have now gone through the whole process so that it can not happen again, says Philip Eide, marketing manager at Foodora, to Dagens Nyheter.