• Conte to Meseberg: "We need a strong response to an epochal crisis". Merkel: extraordinary discipline from Italy
  • Autostrade, Conte: "Aspi's proposal is embarrassing" tomorrow Cdm, revocation in sight
  • In Atlantia and Aspi, we drop below 51% but remain. Conte: "From Benetton teasing Italians"
  • Recovery Fund, Conte: Critical aspects, Michel proposal to be overcome. Su Aspi: Paradoxical proposal
  • Conte: coronavirus still insidious challenge but we are better equipped
  • Recovery fund, without success the summit in Holland. Conte: "Excellent climate but not full convergence"


July 14, 2020 "I don't want to give in on anything". Prime Minister Conte is peremptory in his conversation with the Corriere della Sera sitting on the plane that takes him back to Italy from Berlin after the meeting and dinner with Angela Merkel. And there is no peace about the fact that the recovery fund negotiation is reduced to a discussion "about a few billion more or less" because in his opinion the bet is quite different: "If Europe does not recover immediately and does not it regains competitiveness, it will remain crushed on a global level, "he says with concern.

Then Conte admits: "Negotiation is very difficult, there is a lot of resistance", also because the Chancellor made him understand that Italy will have to give up something, but he is clear: "Let's get out of the logic of a negotiation at 27 - he says - otherwise we will end up with a downward compromise, both on the Recovery Fund and on the European multi-year budget. The two tables cannot be separated. If we reduce ourselves to seeking an agreement between all the countries it ends up that we will have to throw overboard what comes out ". 

The risk, otherwise? "To make a fool before the world". And he invites Germany to launch his heart over the obstacle, because who at this moment "has a greater vision in this historical moment must lead everyone to have foresight" says the premier on the flight to Rome, convinced that "it is absurd to consider 22, or 23 countries isolated from others ". And he asks himself: "How can Italy be isolated if history is on our side?" Then Conte concludes: "We don't want to give in on anything, but in the end some technical filings will be done". 

Aspi: "Proposal arrived so far unacceptable"
The premier then briefly returns to the issue of revoking the motorway concessions in Aspi, at the center of today's CDM: "I speak only of proposals that have arrived on my table and what has arrived to me is unacceptable. If I get a proposal to reduce the quotas to 10, 5 or 1 percent, I would evaluate it. "