Bordeaux (AFP)

The 40-year-old man arrested in Gironde, among the most wanted pedophiles in the world, "wished to collaborate with justice", assured AFP on Tuesday his lawyer who spoke for his client, "caught in a gear" , "a" quasi-saving arrest ".

"Since his police custody and then before the investigating judge, he wanted to collaborate with the justice system and apologize for what he had done (...) it is not someone who is in a denial horror, "said lawyer Simon Takoudju.

"He felt caught in a spiral with the impossibility of leaving it (...) for years, he would have wanted to stop all that. This almost saving arrest will allow him (...) perhaps to find the reasons that led him to do this, "added the lawyer for the man suspected of having administered child pornography sites on the Darknet.

According to a source familiar with the matter, this "inserted" forty-something man, who gave the appearance of "an average person", was domiciled in Frontenac, a village east of Bordeaux between Garonne and Dordogne, where he lived with his two daughters ages 4 and 8, which he sometimes directed, his son and his wife.

This computer scientist, roadmender working in "three or four nearby municipalities", engaged in his parallel activities under his roof most often, "at night", "a priori, without arousing the suspicions of his wife", a indicated the source.

Although acting "alone" behind his computer, the man however "used to interact with other Internet users, to share content".

The investigating judge who took over the case will still have "many investigations to conduct," assured AFP the prosecutor of the Republic of Bordeaux, Frédérique Porterie.

The forties was on the radar of pedophilia services since 2014, to the point of having "become one of the ten priority global targets".

He was indicted in Bordeaux on July 9, suspected of having administered child pornography platforms accessible to "thousands of people" worldwide, on the darknet, a hidden part of the traditional internet network where exchanges are completely anonymized. .

This father is also indicted for rape of his two young girls whom he staged in filmed content he produced, according to another source close to the file.

Thanks to cyber infiltration, the specialized police officers of the central office for the Suppression of Violence against Persons (OCRVP), in collaboration with the European police office Europol, had finally identified his IP address.

Arrested on July 7 near his home, he admitted the facts and is now in pre-trial detention.

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