The Taiwan Army has 60,000 troops stationed in Penghu, and the PLA is not easy to capture? U.S. "Military Experts" Trick Taiwan Joke

  [Global Times Comprehensive Report] A number of media on the island yesterday reprinted an article by "American Military Expert" Aix in Forbes magazine, arguing that if the PLA wants to win Taiwan, Penghu will be an important key point. However, the article made a big joke.

  According to a report from United News on the 13th, Aix claimed in the text that Penghu's defenses are tough and difficult to capture. Every hour it insists helps Taiwan mobilize a total of 2 million reserve soldiers and the US military. "In any invading script, time Not on the Chinese side." Zhang Jing, a researcher at Taiwan’s "China Strategic Society," bluntly said, "Don't see the foreign monk, you will be so fainted that you completely believe in the scriptures he read." fact". As for how many troops are there in Penghu? According to public information, the Taiwan Army has a total of 4 battalions in Penghu plus direct troops, the Navy has 146 fleets, etc., and the Air Force Magong Base is stationed in a combat team of the "Jinguo" fighters every summer. "There are about 8,000 troops in the island." .

  Aix is ​​a "military reporter and film producer" who has interviewed in Syria, Iraq and other places, but the report has caused a lot of controversy. Lianhe News said on the 13th that one of the problems in Taiwan's society in recent years is "as long as we see foreigners make any remarks that are beneficial to us and that it is difficult for the mainland to conquer Taiwan, they will immediately be treated as national teachers." Axe’s article is an example, “The problem is that he mentioned that Penghu has 60,000 troops, but even in the era when the national army has 600,000 troops, the Penghu garrison never reached half of this number. It is not difficult to imagine how'high' the level of understanding is." The article bluntly said that if you think that fantasy and self-deception can win the war, you can only describe it as stupid. (Zhang Tianxing)