The story of an American woman who made a "difficult challenge" to hug her husband in a nursing home tells her emotions.

On the 12th of the local time, foreign media, such as the US CNN, introduced the story of 57-year-old Mary Daniel, who reunited in 114 days with her husband in a nursing home in Florida.

Mary's husband, Steve, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, making life difficult, and was admitted to a nursing home specializing in brain diseases. Mary visited a nursing home every evening to take care of her forgotten husband, and talking to his wife and watching TV and going to bed were the most enjoyable of Steve's day.

However, in the aftermath of Corona 19, Maryland was unable to go to see her husband, as all Florida homes were banned. On one occasion, the nurses allowed the couple to meet through the window, but Steve just cried without hesitation after seeing Mary. I couldn't understand the situation where I had to watch my wife only through the window. Her husband's tears also pushed Mary's breasts.

After learning about the situation, the nursing home side suggested to Mary the job of "part-time dishwasher." After receiving the Corona 19 test, tuberculosis test, drug test, and 20 hours of training, you can enter the nursing home as an employee, and you will be able to meet your husband after work. Mary responded without hesitation.

It was only 114 days after she was separated from her husband that Mary met all qualifications and started working in a nursing home. When she finally got to see her husband, she was worried that her husband's condition would worsen and she could not remember her. But as soon as Mr. Mary, wearing a mask, entered the room, Mr. Steve called her "Mary" and immediately wept her tears. Impressed Mary also shed tears and hugged her husband.

"We are committed to protecting Corona19 high-risk patients," said Kelly Weedrow, director of nursing homes, but in special cases such as Mary and Steve, we want to provide creative solutions. He explained, "Mary is faithful to her new job, and Steve is in a markedly better condition after being able to see her."

Mary also thanked the nursing home for the special offer and said, "I will spend the money I earned on the kitchen for other employees."

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