An American young man is applauding for a child safely thrown out of a flamed apartment.

Foreign news sources, including CBS News in the US on the 9th, reported that a fire broke out in an apartment in Phoenix, Arizona.

In the video, a red flame is rising inside the balcony on the third floor. The woman inside sees the person waiting from below and drops the child down, and the young man watching it quickly blows her body and picks it up with her arm before it falls to the ground.
On the day of the accident, 28-year-old Philip Blanks, who stopped by his friend's house, recognized the accident and went out to rescue. A former American football player and former Marine Corps, he was able to show off his great athleticism in 10 minutes to prevent a dazzling accident. 

However, the mother of the child went into the flames again, despite the cry of the residents saying, "I will run." This is because there are 8-year-old daughters who have not yet been saved. So another brave passer-by went into the building and rescued the child, but unfortunately, Mom was never able to leave the building.
Later, when the news of the accident became known, the netizens praised Mr. Blanks and the passerby who saved the children, saying'hero'. The father of the children who were not at home working at the time also thanked them. 

But Blanks mourned the death of a woman in an interview with the media, saying, "The true hero was the mother who tried to protect the children until the end."

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(Source ='CBS News' YouTube)