Among these, the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed strong concern about the two countries, saying that the United States and Brazil account for half of the new confirmers worldwide. WHO said leaders' mixed messages are hurting Corona19's response.

Reporter Sunghoon Lee.


Local time The World Health Organization WHO announced on the 12th that the number of new corona19 confirmed was 23,370.

This is the most confirmed record ever.

Of these, more than 110,000 new confirmed cases have occurred in the United States and Brazil, accounting for about half of the new confirmed cases worldwide.

WHO pointed to the two countries and was concerned that the situation could worsen.

"Too many countries are heading in the wrong direction," said Gerberus WHO Secretary-General. "The mixed messages of leaders are harming trust, the most important element of response."

Among these, two experts sent to China to investigate the origin of Corona19 were found to be in quarantine.

WHO says the dispatched experts were quarantined according to local procedures before cooperating with Chinese scientists.

Earlier this weekend, an epidemiologist and animal health expert from WHO arrived in China, but there was a story of a'blinker' investigation because the schedule and place of visit were not clearly known.

WHO said it plans to consult with the Chinese side to determine where to go, and how the Corona 19 virus has passed on to humans and what the intermediates are.