China News Service, July 13th. Statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States show that as of 19:34 on July 13, Beijing time, there were more than 12.93 million cases of new crowns diagnosed in the world, and a total of more than 569,000 deaths. The American infectious disease expert Fuch was "slandered" by the Trump team; the number of deaths in Mexico rose to fourth in the world, and some countries have rebounded; and many countries have strengthened economic stimulus plans.

New Florida cases hit record high in a single day

  The Trump team put Fodge into the "enemy camp"?

  At present, there are more than 3.3 million diagnosed cases in the United States and more than 135,000 deaths. New York City, the United States reported no new deaths on the 12th. This is the first time in the city that there have been zero deaths in a single day in about four months.

On July 11, local time, US President Trump was photographed wearing a mask while visiting a military medical center.

  In contrast, in Florida, the hardest hit area, reported more than 15,000 newly diagnosed cases on the 12th, setting a new high for the number of new cases in a single day in the state. According to local media reports, hospital beds in some areas of Florida have reached the acceptable limit.

  Health experts generally believe that the hasty restart of the economy across the country and the lack of prevention and control measures are important reasons for the recent sharp rebound in the US epidemic. Fuch, an American infectious disease expert, admitted that the United States has problems confirming the spread of the virus among asymptomatic patients and young people, and failed to take appropriate isolation measures in a timely manner.

  A member of the US President Trump's epidemic prevention team said on the 12th that when Foch proposed the epidemic prevention proposal, he "may not have the overall national interest in mind." The US media said that Trump advisers "revealed" the press a few days ago to try to discredit Fuchs. Fuchs seems to have been regarded as a person in the "enemy camp".

  In this regard, Sibelius, who served as the Minister of Health and Human Services in the former US President Barack Obama’s administration, said that in the process of developing new coronavirus vaccines in the United States and other countries, the defamation of Foch and other scientists "may be very ,very dangerous".

US military base in Japan becomes a loophole in Japanese epidemic prevention

  Death toll in Mexico rises to fourth in the world

  Some countries have rebounded during the gradual unblocking. South Korea reported on the 13th that 62 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were confirmed, and 43 cases were imported from abroad. The number of imported cases overseas has reached a new high after 110 days after March 25.

On July 11, local time, the streets of Shibuya, where young people gather in Tokyo, are crowded. China News Service reporter Lu Shaowei

  The U.S. military base in Okinawa has recently experienced a collective infection, and the total number of confirmed cases has reached 71. Due to concerns about the spread of the epidemic, Okinawa Prefecture urgently carried out virus testing for relevant personnel on the 12th. Analysts pointed out that the US troops stationed in Japan "freely come and go" in and out of Japan. As a result, the Okinawa Prefecture could not grasp the first-hand information on the infection of personnel in the US military base. The US military base in Japan has become a major loophole in Japanese epidemic prevention.

  Cases in western Macedonia in Greece have surged. A new summer case has also appeared in a children’s summer camp in the resort of Halkidiki. In addition to the increasing number of imported cases in the past few days, the Greek people are increasingly worried about the development of the epidemic after the opening of the border.

  According to data released by the Mexican Ministry of Health on the 12th, the country's new coronary pneumonia deaths have increased to 35,006, surpassing Italy as the world's fourth-largest number of new coronary pneumonia deaths, but the country's President Lopez still called for re-starting economic activities.

Multi-country strengthening economic stimulus plan

  Oil demand is returning to normal

  In order to restore the economy affected by the epidemic, governments are further implementing stimulus policies.

  Speaker of the US House of Representatives Pelosi said on the 12th that she believes that US lawmakers can find a compromise in extending unemployment benefits and unemployment insurance. The Republican leader of the House of Representatives has said that the extension of additional unemployment benefits will have no effect, and this relief plan will expire on July 31.

Affected by the new crown epidemic on July 7, local time, after more than three months of separation, Dubai reopened to overseas travelers, and foreign travelers with a valid UAE visa can enter the country from now on. The picture shows the five-star Atlantis Palm Island, Dubai landmark building reopened.

  Many governments in the Middle East have also taken continuous measures to stimulate economic recovery. The Dubai government of the United Arab Emirates recently announced the launch of a new plan to support the recovery of local business activities. Since the outbreak, the total investment has been approximately US$1.715 billion.

  Egyptian Minister of Planning Said said on the 12th that in order to cope with the uncertainty caused by the new crown epidemic, the Egyptian government's fiscal 2020-2021 fiscal year budget, health, education, housing, transportation and other fields increased by 70% year-on-year.

  In addition, officials of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said that the alliance of oil producing countries led by Saudi Arabia is urging its members and allies to increase oil production from August. There are indications that after the new corona virus-related blockade is gradually lifted, demand is returning to normal levels.