• 12-J.Feijóo makes history in Galicia and nationalism sweeps the Basque Country
  • PSOE. The PSOE stagnates and does not take profit from the collapse of Podemos in the Basque Country and Galicia

The socialist leadership has already carried out the first readings of the regional elections in Galicia and in the Basque Country after the surprise of Pablo Iglesias' blow, which they did not count on, and the fact that their vote has migrated to the BNG and Bildu. This circumstance has displaced the PSdeG as the second political force and has stripped it of its status as an alternative to the PP.

In Ferraz they console themselves with the fact that part of the Podemos vote and its confluences in these territories is a "protest vote", they do not go so far as to say anti-system, but they do allude to a profile of voters who have never supported and will not support the PSOE. It is also added that these are two territories with a strong identity and nationalist component. But they admit that they must reflect on why the other Podemos voter, the most progressive or left-wing, has not opted for them either.

An analysis that the socialist leadership recognizes that it must address, although it sees the self-criticism much more urgent in its coalition partners in the Government, United We Can. Ferraz did not foresee that neither his descent in the Basque Country, where he has lost half of his seats, much less that he would be left without representation in the Galician Parliament where he had 14 under the umbrella brand En Marea. In the leadership of the PSOE they attribute it to the internal problems that Podemos has had in these two autonomies and at the national level, where Iglesias has been skirting all his critics. But also to two more circumstances: their presence in the Government that an assembly court formation like them does not make profitable and the incidence of the Dina case, the judicial investigation that the purple party sold as an attack against them of the so-called sewers of Interior, the corrupt police, and that the judicial investigation has not shown.

The PSOE believes that Iglesias "has not been helped" to focus on this issue part of his electoral campaign, truffled in addition to continuous attacks on the press, and maintains that it must focus on its management within the Executive and not disperse on other issues . In any case, they deny that the results are going to have any impact on the government coalition because, they emphasize, we are still 120 deputies and 35 from Podemos. The socialists seem to be satisfied with the fact of staying - they have only risen one seat in the Basque Country - because of the offensive that PP and Vox have suffered in their management of the health pandemic. They point out that it has not penalized them, although they admit that it has not allowed them to increase the response they have offered to the economic and social consequences with measures such as the protection of ERTE or the approval of the Minimum Vital Income.

The explanation they offer is that voters seek stability and in Galicia and the Basque Country they are represented by Alberto Núñez Feijóo and Iñigo Urkullu. The same wave in favor, they say, occurs in other communities with socialist presidents where Ferraz's polls reflect an increase in support. And if that occurs at the autonomous level, they argue, it will also happen at the national level when the time comes. It will be then when voters will value Pedro Sánchez's management and his reaction to the impact of the coronavirus.

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12-JThe PSOE stagnates and does not extract revenue from the collapse of Podemos in the Basque Country and Galicia

Autonomous electionsPablo Iglesias has no shield: debacle in Galicia and the Basque Country despite ruling

Elections Feijóo makes history in Galicia and nationalism sweeps the Basque Country

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