by Fabrizio Patti 13 July 2020 Waiting for tomorrow's council of ministers, a very black day for Atlantia, owner of 88% of Autostrade per l'Italia. The words of Prime Minister Conte alla Stampa and il Fatto Quotidiano weigh heavily, making a revocation of the concession or an exit of Atlantia from Autostrade more concrete. The stock is suspended due to a fall in excess, as has happened several times since this morning. At the time of suspension, the drop was 15%. Each share of Atlantia is now worth 11.30 euros, compared to the beginning of the year the drop is 45.5%, also because last week the drop had been just under 10 percent.

This on a day when the European markets are positive: London and Frankfurt + 0.9%, Paris + 0.7%. Minus the Ftse Mib (+ 0.3%), weighed down by the Atlantia case and the banking sector. Among the other headlines, Tim highlighted, + 4.6%, on the rumors that speak of an acceleration of the government on the dossier on the single fiber network. The plan, as the Republic wrote on Saturday, would provide for the acquisition by Cdp of 50% of Open Fiber held by Enel. And, at the same time, Cdp's entry into a new vehicle company, called FiberCop, to be created under Tim's hat.

During the night strong rises also in Asia, in particular on the stock exchanges in Tokyo (+ 2.22%), Shenzhen (+ 3.37%) and Shanghai (+ 1.77%), a list that comes from a week of rallying.

The week will see the ECB meeting on Thursday in Europe and talks on the Recovery Plan until Friday and Saturday, when the extraordinary European Council dedicated to the Recovery Fund and the new Union budget 2021-2027 will take place.

Meanwhile, the BTP / Bund spread is slightly down, at 168 basis points. The quarterly season begins tomorrow in the United States, with the results of three major banks: JpMorgan, Wells Fargo and Citigroup. They will give indications on the forecasts of the companies on the year-end accounts.