This time, let's take a look at the fact that if you raise taxes, the landlord will pass the burden on to the tenants. As a countermeasure, the government is considering retrospectively applying the so-called'Lease 3 Act', which prevents the rent from being raised for some time. It will also be applied to existing contracts made before the law goes into effect, and there is controversy over this.

This is Yun Nara reporter.


Most of the amendments to the Housing Lease Protection Act issued by Democratic lawmakers say that the rent can only be increased by 5% and the contract period is guaranteed for more than 4 years.

In addition, lawmakers Park Hong-geun and others suggest that the law will apply even when renewing an existing contract.

The intention is that retrospective application is necessary to prevent the landlord's tax burden from being passed on to real estate measures.

If the law was created by retrospective application and is enforced from August, if the existing two-year contract ends in September, the tenant can ask for an increase in the amount of the lease for two months or more, and the rent will only go up to 5%.

An official from the Democratic Party's Policy Committee said, "To prevent the war-torn confrontation, it must also be applied to existing contracts." One Democratic top commissioner said, "It's an update, but it's actually a new contract."

The government is similar.

[Hyunmi Kim/Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (past 10 days): (2018) If the same applies to existing contracts and renewal contracts, as in the case of amendment to the Commercial Renting Act, the tenant's housing stability problem can now be resolved. Maybe (I think).]

But there are not many objections.

[Jin Jin-hyeong/Chairman of the Real Estate Agency of Korea: When retroactively applied, it violates the property rights of the people and there is also a problem in terms of the stability of the law. It is because the people are unpredictable.] The United

Party also opposes that it is an unconstitutional idea, and controversy with the Democratic Party trying to prevent the realization of the boom in rents to rent is expected.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho, Video editing: Kim Ho-jin) 

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