• Migrants protest in Calabria over the arrival of 13 positive Pakistani in Covid
  • Migrants. Lamorgese: "Strengthened commitment against migrant smuggling". More tensions in Calabria


July 13, 2020 "Calabrian citizens protesting the arrival of coronavirus-positive migrants are perfectly right." This was stated by the president of the Calabria Region, Jole Santelli, speaking on the "Timeline" broadcast on Sky Tg24. "The Calabrians have kept the lockdown very determined, we have also preserved our territory in order to manage a serious tourist season, which for us is life, to avoid poverty. What happened in recent days has created concern among Calabrian citizens , I share this concern, "he added. "The Government gear the ships so that migrants are welcomed, all health situations for quarantine are followed and those who bring us the covid do not set foot on Calabrian territory". The times for a ship of this type "are hours", according to Santelli. "I am available to do all I have to do to defend Calabria, Calabrians and those who come on vacation," added the governor of Calabria. 

"Last night the Minister of the Interior reassured me on this point: this serves as a buffer measure, then at European level a security measure is needed on the borders of Europe". "Minister Lamorgese assured me that a ship will arrive in the next few hours, otherwise they will have to explain why they cannot send a ship". The president of the Calabria Region Jole Santelli interviewed on SkyTg24 said about the positivity to the coronavirus of some migrants arrived on the Calabrian coast and destined, in the intention of the governor, to spend the quarantine on a ship sent by the Government. "I hope that I will enter tomorrow will be solved, "said Santelli.

From Europe a safety belt is needed
"The quarantine ship serves as a buffer, at European level a safety belt is needed," said the governor of Calabria. 

Talking about immigration is demagoguery, the theme is health
"It is no longer a matter of immigration, to say that it is a matter of immigration is demagoguery, here we are talking about a matter of health: we must apply the same rules that we apply on the planes that come from other countries, "said Jole Santelli. "I am not kidding at all", he replied to the conductor who recalled, citing the judicial problems faced by former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who in terms of immigration "is not joking", "but - continued Santelli - the last what I am joking about is the health of the Calabrians. I know how many sacrifices have been made. The Calabria Region has put € 300 million on tourism. We have been sounding the alarm for months, be careful that there are African countries where the pandemic is expanding and we risk a return virus. I want a clear response from the government. "