• Migrants protest in Calabria over the arrival of 13 positive Pakistani in Covid
  • Migrants, Lampedusa hot spots on tilt: over 700 refugees
  • All 180 migrants of Ocean Viking are negative. Now on Moby Zaza for quarantine
  • Migrants. Ionian Sea crew in quarantine, 8 positives


13 July 2020International Minister Luciana Lamorgese, in agreement with the European Commission and the German Presidency, held the ministerial summit by videoconference this morning, attended by European Commissioners Ylva Johansson and Olivér Várhelyi, the ministers of the Interior of Germany, France, Spain and Malta and the counterparts of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania. The main purpose of the summit is to strengthen the commitment with the departure countries of the most consistent migratory flows arriving in Italy and, through Italy, in Europe, for the prevention and contrast to the network of migrant smuggling, through sharing initiatives to strengthen the external dimension of the Union's security policy.

"It was a fruitful comparison - continued the minister Lamorgese - that allows us to strengthen our mutual commitment to prevent and combat the trafficking of migrants. All countries have also shared the challenge that requires us to guarantee respect for human rights. and the dignity of people, reducing the human suffering of those who are most exposed to blackmail. " "We will use all available tools, including bilateral partnerships, to identify and prosecute criminal networks that exploit the most vulnerable people. Even by promoting closer police cooperation to
strengthen operational tools and investigative activities. Today we all have started a important path that sees us protagonists, European and African, to try to govern the complex phenomenon of migration ", concluded Minister

Johansson:" Alongside Italy "
The European Commission is alongside Italy and is ready to support the Italian authorities managing the landing of migrants who tested positive for Covid-19. Home affairs commissioner Ylva Johansson said this during a press conference. "We know that the situation is complicated - said the European Commissioner - but the EU is ready to provide great support and is here to give its support". 

Still tense situation in Calabria. In the afternoon new demonstration of citizens
Situation still tense in Calabria after the arrival of positive migrants to Covid-19. Continuous surveillance by the military of the "Safe Roads" operation for the structure that houses 13 (in total there are 24 migrants), transferred from Roccella Jonica (Rc) to Amantea (Cs), but no transfers. This is what was established during a meeting held in the prefecture of Cosenza and in which the Armed Forces and members of the Asp Department of the Città dei Bruzi also took part.

In the next few hours, moreover, a new demonstration of citizens is expected who took to the streets yesterday to request the transfer of migrants, but this time the sit-in should be held in front of the Municipality of Amantea, which for some months has been without mayor and has arrived as a police station.

The 5 young positive results in fiduciary isolation
In Roccella Jonica (RC), where 70 Pakistani migrants landed on Saturday evening, the five unaccompanied minors and positive results after the first swab, are in personal isolation. The Mayor Vittorio Zito communicated it with a note: "The doctors of the Special Assistance Continuity Unit of the Asp of Reggio Calabria - the mayor announced - monitored the health status of the 20 unaccompanied minors hosted at the facility of the Miramare Hotel in Roccella. All the visits carried out confirmed the absence of relevant symptoms for the diagnosis of Covid infection19 in all the guests of the facility. The 5 minors who tested positive for the first swab are in personal isolation, in rooms separate from those where other teenagers live. "

All minors, explains the First Citizen, "are assisted by two volunteer interpreters who share the quarantine regime with them and who, on an exclusively voluntary basis, take care of distributing food and drinks to the guests of the structure". "It is also reiterated - concludes the mayor - that those who participated in the reception operations, belonging to the police, volunteers, employees of the municipality, were placed under a fiduciary quarantine regime, so that it was carried out and is in progress every action aimed at isolating every possible cluster of contagion. In particular, 6 ordinances were issued for subjects resident in the municipal area ".

Santelli: "I hope that Lamorgese and Boccia follow our indications to avoid disaster"
"For the immediate I ask that, as on the other hand has already happened during the lockdown, those who arrive are subjected to quarantine or on the ships of origin requisitioned or on those of the Navy, not ashore. And secondly, it is clear that a naval blockade is needed: what is the point of preventing flights from countries at risk and then allowing entry to already sick people? And it must be done without waiting for Europe , it just has to be done ". It says, interviewed by Corriere della Sera, the governor of Calabria, Jole Santelli. "I am talking to Ministers Lamorgese and Boccia, with Hope: I count that they will follow our directions to avoid disaster - he adds - The State has a moral duty to protect those who have fought against the virus, and now that it is succeeding, it is exposed at the risk of a very serious wave of return. It is not a question of ideologies, there is no right or left on these things. We cannot be invaded. " 

High voltage situation also in Sicily where the landing of the 65 migrants who arrived at the port of Pozzallo (Ragusa) on board a Coast Guard ship ended. The migrants will be transferred to the Don Pietro center, in the Cifali district, in Ragusa. Before disembarking them, the USMAF team of the Ministry of Health boarded Fiorillo of the Italian Coast Guard to check the medical conditions on board the migrants. They are all men including 20 alleged minors, divided into 61 Pakistani, 3 Syrians and a Moroccan. They all seem to be in good health.

Meanwhile, in Lampedusa, after the first 70 migrants who have left aboard two patrol boats, in the direction of Porto Empedocle (Agrigento), another 150 migrants who should be boarded on the scheduled ferry will always leave Lampedusa today, also for Porto Empedocle. The Sicilian Region, on Saturday, sent serological tests and swabs to Lampedusa and today a machine capable of processing swabs in 20 minutes should be sent.

Musumeci: "Government deliberates immediately state of emergency"
"The national government explains what strategy it intends to adopt to guarantee the safety of Sicilians" and immediately decides "the state of emergency for Lampedusa, as requested by the Municipality and Region". The president of the Sicilian region, Nello Musumeci, asked after the wave of landings in Sicily and in particular in Lampedusa. The governor urges a protocol to be followed "to protect migrants and citizens" and establishes who will swab and where the migrants who arrive will be quarantined. "The silence of Rome with those who have the constitutional responsibility of protecting the health of Sicilians - thunders Musumeci - has become unbearable and violates the principle of loyal collaboration which even Premier Conte says to comply with". Either we agree on health "any action with the Region or we are no longer available to be called only to make up for the serious omissions of the central government", is the aut aut of the head of the regional executive.

Admiral De Felice: Germany stop Sea Watch 3 activities
"Dear Ambassador, I ask you to take all necessary measures to stop all Sea Watch 3 activities related to the landing of illegal immigrants in Italy". Thus begins the open letter sent by Admiral Nicola De Felice to the German ambassador to Italy. "I remember that Germany is the flag state of this ship and, therefore, responsible for requests for political asylum and for the international protection of illegal immigrants on board its territory, in accordance with article 13 of the EU Dublin Regulation and the Convention of the United Nations Sea Law (Unclos) - writes De Felice - if your motto is that the relationship between Italy and Germany is not only a fact of the heart, but also important for the common future of Europe, you can only agree that the Sea Watch 3 ship, where the German legal system is in force, must disembark migrants in Germany, respecting the Dublin Treaty ratified by your Parliament and according to the Lisbon solidarity principle ".

"In addition - continues the admiral - you will know that the Captain of the Sea Watch 3 has committed a series of international crimes against maritime rules, Unclos, German and Italian laws and various technical and operational irregularities that have compromised not only the safety of the crew, but also of the migrants, as well as violated the regulations that protect the marine environment. These acts do not honor his nation and his flag, putting Germany and the most Christian German Evangelical Church in a collaborative position " unaware '′ with human traffickers ". "In conclusion, I am waiting for your Government to remove the honored German flag from the mast of the slave ship Sea Watch 3 as soon as possible. I trust you will understand the situation and respect the great traditions of our common naval history. I am sure, Excellency, that you will all that is right to do in these cases and I take this opportunity to express my utmost respect to you and the German people ".

Alarm Phone: 57 people in danger off Libya
Fifty-seven people are in danger off Libya. He reported it on Twitter Alarm Phone. "Yesterday, we were alerted by a boat in danger left from Libya. The connection was poor. We could not get all the necessary information or verify the location. The authorities are informed," read the tweet

Viminale: 8988 landed this year , 1,256 in two days
There are 8,988 migrants who landed on the Italian coast from January 1 to today: 3,165 in the same period last year, between January 1 and July 13 two years ago 17,296. This is what emerges from the last report of the Interior Ministry, according to which a 'peak' of arrivals was registered in the last weekend with 701 landed on Friday, 357 Saturday and 198 yesterday. Given the blockade of ports linked to the Covid emergency and the forcibly reduced activity of NGO ships, these are mostly 'autonomous' landings with rafts, boats and boats set up by traffickers mostly on the "Tunisian route".

Of the 8,988 arriving this year, 26% came from Tunisia, 19% from Bangladesh, 9% from Ivory Coast, 5% from Algeria, 5% from Sudan, according to what was declared at the time of landing. 4% from Morocco, 3% from Guinea, 3% from Somalia and 2% from Pakistan. Unaccompanied foreign minors landed in 2020 (the figure is updated on 7 July) are 1,077, compared to 1,680 arrived throughout the past year.