Around 700 seafarers underwent a PCR test in Marseille, notably on board the Danielle-Casanova, a ship on which a new outbreak of coronavirus contamination was detected. The crew, of a hundred people, remains confined on board. 

Is Marseille exposed to a new wave of coronavirus? Doctors in the northern districts of the city, where the number of positive cases doubles every two days, sound the alarm, fearing the effects of summer and the great summer transhumance. Further south in the city, it is a cluster within a Corsica Linea ferry that worries, although the company assures that everything is under control. 

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Sailors a priori without contact with passengers

In all, nearly 700 sailors must undergo a PCR test in Marseille. The precaution particularly targets those of the cruise ship Danielle-Casanova, who will even have to undergo a second test as of Tuesday, for safety, to confirm that the cluster is well under control. Because it was on board this vessel that a source of contamination was located: 19 positive sailors in total, working mainly in the engine room. 

They therefore had no a priori contact with the passengers. However, the latter should be alerted by the services of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and the Prefecture. The crew, of a hundred people, remains confined to him on board, in Marseille. The boat, at the quay, was subjected to surface and environmental tests, carried out by the firefighters.


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No additional precautionary measures at this stage

The Danielle-Casanova provided maritime links with Tunisia, which are not interrupted: it was another boat that took over, the Mediterranean. The rest of the traffic, particularly with Corsica, was not affected. As for precautionary measures, they remain the same for the time being: wearing a compulsory mask for passengers, social distancing in elevators and in restaurants. The establishment, from the ports, of a temperature measurement before embarkation, should probably be set up.