Confluence discussion with the local people Differences between routes Carefully gathering opinions 4:50 on July 14

The National Democratic Party intends to gather members of the Diet this week to discuss the merger with the Constitutional Democratic Party, but the executive department has carefully commented on the fact that the difference in routes has come to the surface in response to the previous Governor of Tokyo election. The policy is to proceed with aggregation.

Regarding the confluence of the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party, talks were once held off in January, but on the 12th, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party announced that he had consulted a new way of thinking about the conditions of the confluence.

Under these circumstances, since the secretary generals of both parties will begin full-scale discussions on how the society should be after the end of the new coronavirus infection with the union of labor unions, from the 14th, it will be aimed from the inside of both parties. Some say that we should share our philosophy and aim for a merger.

Given this situation, the National Democratic Party will hold a meeting on July 17 this week to bring together members of the House of Representatives to discuss the merger.

However, inside the party, in response to the previous election of the Governor of Tokyo as a voluntary vote, while a forward-looking congressman supported the candidate supported by the Constitutional Democratic Party, former foreign minister Maehara was cautious about the confluence. There were some ministers who had experience of supporting the candidates recommended by the group and supporting the representatives of the Reiwa Shinsengumi, and the differences in routes became apparent.

For this reason, the Executive Division will carefully collect opinions when discussing merging.